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10 Best Ideas about how to use Cor-Ten Steel Planters

Corten Steel is a common material to make Metal Planters because of its exhilarating, durable and giving industrial flavor.

Do you really know how to use Corten Steel Planters in your garden? The following are 10 Best Ideas about how to use Cor-Ten Steel Planters in your garden:
Firstly, the tropical plants in the Corten Steel Planters take minimal care and watering, which can make a sustainable garden and looks beautiful all the year.

Secondly, do you know how to decorate your backyard terrace? Let me share with you: to place different Corten Steel Planters there. When you invite your friends to having a party in your backyard terrace, they will feel like they are in outdoor. Creating the outdoor atmosphere with simple furniture, the simple and elegant are with the rich texture materials, which enable you to feel like in the garden.

Thirdly, to place succulent plants and large stones in the Corten Steel Planters forms an unique landscape in your forecourt, which adds character and charm to your front yard.

Fourthly, embeded Corten Steel Planters in your backyard terrace can give you a colourful world. The modern architecture with unique exterior design combine with classical garden design makes its unique to this region.

Fifthly, let us talk about the color of Corten Steel Planters. To get the final object color, the Corten Steel Planters' color should mix with the building's color, which will create a harmonious atmosphere.

Sixthly, the large and unique design Corten Steel Planters in your backyard terrace will bring a deep feeing to you.

Seventhly, the distribution of passive earth pressure against Corten Steel Retaining Wall is nonlinear, and the sliding surface in soilis usually is a curve, which bring a rich room for the plant.

Eighthly, do you ever think of what the combination of wood and Corten Steel will look like? It will give you a bench to sit down to enjoy the beatiful garden wholeheartedly.

Ninthly, the Sprial Corten Steel Planter is an unique design adopted in the project, which is reflected by the linear and sequential paving in the leisure space of the garden.

Tenthly, in a word, the Corten Steel Planters can have various shapes and sizes, such as Square Corten Steel Planter, Rectangular Corten Steel Planter, Round Corten Steel Planter, Spiral Coren Steel Planter, Polygonal Corten Steel Planter, etc., which can be customized Corten Steel Planter. Also, they can be applied as Corten Steel Planter Beds to raise the garden beds, and the Corten Steel Retaining Wall, etc..


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A588 Gr.A SA588 Gr.C S355J0W SMA490BW Fe 510 D1K1 E36WA4
A588 Gr.B SA588 Gr.K S355J0WP SMA490CW Fe 510 C2K1 E36WB3
A588 Gr.C SA871 Type I Gr.60 S355J2G1W SMA400AW Fe 510 D2K1 E36WB4
A242 SA871 Type I Gr.65 S355J2G2W SMA400BW WR 50 A WT St37-3
A709 Gr.50W SA871 Type II Gr.60 S355K2G1W SMA50AW WR 50 B WT St52-3
  SA871 Type II Gr.65 S355K2G2W SMA50CP WR 50 C  
  SA871 Type III Gr.60        
  SA871 Type III Gr.65