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Anyang Jin Chao Yang Materials, Co., Ltd is located in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China. It is specialized in supplying and exporting steel products. With rich domestic steel product resources and professional knowing about the international market, Jin Chao Yang’s products have been exported to Middle East, Africa, Europe, America, Southeast Asia, etc..

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Zhengzhou Headquarter
Mary Chen
Fax: +86-371-53319052
Add: 18/F, No. 11 Building, East Area of National University Science Park, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China

Bangladesh Office
Macros Zhang for English Inquiry

Vice Genaral Manager
Mob: +880 17 2653 3139
Add: House #72, Park road, Baridhra, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Bangladesh Office
Josson Sun for Chinese Inquiry
Genaral Manager
Mob: +880 17 2653 3068
Add: House #72, Park road, Baridhra, Dhaka, Bangladesh

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Main Products Showing:
Corten A SA588 Gr.A S235J2W SPA-H Fe 360 DK1 E24W4
Corten B SA588 Gr.B S355J2WP SMA490AW Fe 510 C1K1 E36WA3
A588 Gr.A SA588 Gr.C S355J0W SMA490BW Fe 510 D1K1 E36WA4
A588 Gr.B SA588 Gr.K S355J0WP SMA490CW Fe 510 C2K1 E36WB3
A588 Gr.C SA871 Type I Gr.60 S355J2G1W SMA400AW Fe 510 D2K1 E36WB4
A242 SA871 Type I Gr.65 S355J2G2W SMA400BW WR 50 A WT St37-3
A709 Gr.50W SA871 Type II Gr.60 S355K2G1W SMA50AW WR 50 B WT St52-3
  SA871 Type II Gr.65 S355K2G2W SMA50CP WR 50 C  
  SA871 Type III Gr.60        
  SA871 Type III Gr.65