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E36 WB 3 Weathering Steel

Grade: E36 WB 3 Steel Plate
Thickness: 1.0-420mm
Width: 100-4200mm
Length: 6000-12000mm

E36 WB 3 Introduction
E36 WB 3 steel, which is typically used for landscaping and outdoor construction. It is made with alloys that causes its surface to develop a self-protecting rust when exposed to weather. The insulating patina resists corrosion, requires no painting or weather-proofing, and doesn’t compromise structural strength.

E36 WB 3 Chemical Composition
Grade/ Material Element Composition( Max-A, Min-I)
E36 WB 3 C A: 0.16
Mn 0.5 - 1.5
Si 0.5
P A:0.035
S A:0.035
Cu  0.25-0.55
Cr 0.4 -0.8

E36 WB 3 Mechanical Properties
Grade/ Material Tensile Test Ksi/MPa
E36 WB 3 Tensile Strength 470-630
Yield Strength I:315
Elongation 17%
Impact Test(if any)   

E36 WB 3 Application
It is very widely used in marine transportation, in the construction of inter modal containers as well as visible sheet piling along with recently widened sections of London's M25 motorway.
Modern artists prefer to use weathering steel to form sculpture, building facade, museum, and city landmark. For the most common application, shipping containers must be the most popular, since near the sea, anti-corrosion is an important quality. Nowadays, people applied the weathering steel to the architecture building and bridge construction.

E36 WB 3 Service
The products are in a variety of sizes and thicknesses, and are available as ex–stock or directly shipped from the mill.
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