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E36 WA 4 Corrosion Resistant Steel

Grade: E36 WA 4 Steel Plate
Standard: NFA
Thickness: 1.0-420mm
Width: 100-4200mm
Length: 6000-12000mm

E36 WA 4 Introduction
E36 WA 4 steel is a weather resistant steel, it is also a corrosion resistant steel, which left uncoated develops an outer layer patina. This patina protects the steel from additional corrosion.

E36 WA 4 Chemical Composition
Grade/ Material Element Composition( Max-A, Min-I)
E36 WA 4 C A: 0.12
Mn A: 1
Si A: 0.75
P 0.06 - 0.15
S A:0.030
Cu 0.25-0.55
Cr 0.3-1.25

E36 WA 4 Mechanical Properties
Grade/ Material Tensile Test Ksi/MPa
E36 WA 4 Tensile Strength 470-630
Yield Strength I:345
Elongation 17%
Impact Test(if any)  

E36 WA 4 Application
Mainly used for construction of tanks, containers, bridges, frame structures, vehicles, etc. with the request of welded, bolted, etc.
The steel plate, which is the best product for the fabrication of agricultural vans and railway wagons, structures of bridges, water pipes, fans, chimney sand boilers.

E36 WA 4 Service
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