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JIS SMA 50 CP Corrosion Resistant Steel

Grade: JIS SMA 50 CP Steel Plate
Standard: JIS
Thickness: 1.0-420mm
Width: 100-4200mm
Length: 6000-12000mm

JIS SMA 50 CP Introduction
SMA 50 CP belongs to corrosion resistant steel, which is a weather resistant steel and more accurately be termed as an "Atmospheric Corrosion Resistant Steel".
It is a copper chromium alloy steel – this alloy displays a greater level of resistance to atmospheric weathering. Its chemical composition promotes the early formation of an adhering protective layer of rust when exposed to the atmosphere .

JIS SMA 50 CP Chemical Composition
Grade C Si Mn P S Cr Cu Ni V NI Al
SMA50CP Max0.16 0.5 0.5-1.5 Max0.035 0.035 0.4-0.8 0.25-0.55 0.65 0.02-0.12 0.65 0.02

JIS SMA 50 CP Mechanical Properties
Grade Yield strength Tensile strength Elongation
SMA50CP Min355MPa Min510-610 22

JIS SMA 50 CP Application
JIS SMA 50 CP is the best products for the fabrication of agricultural vans and railway wagons, structures of bridges, water pipes, fans, chimneys and boilers.
The natural finish does not normally requires any form of maintenance such as painting, which makes the material a highly cost effective alternative to other structural steels.
Mainly used for construction of tanks, containers, bridges, frame structures, vehicles, etc with the request of welded, bolted, etc.

JIS SMA 50 CP Service
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